Ridge Runners 4×4

The Ridge Runners is a family-oriented four-wheel club that loves adventure.

We are located in Southern Colorado, just a short drive away from some of Colorado’s best trails and most breathtaking scenery.


Xmas Run

Xmas baskets for needy families. The fun starts with the ladies getting together in a garage. We decorate these baskets to the hilt; they are awesome. Then we reach out to different schools and teachers for needy families, they always have more names than we can provide for. Then we start working on getting the food, never a problem with this club. The club buys the turkeys and roasting pans for 30 to 35 families. The members supplied the rest of the food.

Almost every member put a lot in the baskets, enough food for a family of 5 to last about 5 days. We also include a family board game, stuff toys, coloring books for the little guys.

Santa goes with us to deliver and make it fun for the kids along 2 our routes. The baskets are delivered about 4 days before Xmas. Children of Ridge Runners families pass out large bags of candy to the kids along the routes.

Holy Cross

Located North of Camp Hale between Leadville and Redcliff on U.S. 24. The trail is very difficult to extreme, a non-stop challenge to serious four-wheelers this is an awesome trail. After you get to the City (Holy Cross City) there is Cleveland rock which only a hand full of our club members have been able to conquer. In the 1800s Holy Cross had two gold mills that processed ore from 30 mines in the area, You can still see mining equipment along the trail, one has to wonder how in the world the old-timers got it there. This area has gained some notoriety.

Blanca Peak

Elevation 11,000 feet at Como Lake. Blanca is located West of Walsenburg Co, and South of the Great Sand Dunes off US 160. This is one of the most difficult trails in Colorado, Bebut one most liked by the Ridge Runners. On this trail, you will be challenged By what is known as Jaws 1, Jaws 2, & Jaws 3. If you make it past Jaws 3 you will enjoy Como Lake. You can relax, camp, fish, or just sit around the fire and talk about the Jaws movies. Then start the challenges all over again.